10 Reasons to Contract With Us

Professionalism - Performance - Integrity - Our mission is to always be known for professionalism, performance and integrity. To meet our goal, we will consistently deliver to our customers a high quality finished product, on time and on budget. We are at your service.

Our Employees - We provide a stable and personal growth oriented work place for our employees. Our employment statement is simple: If you are going to work here, you will be a part of continuing education and you will continue to learn. We are always working to have the very best employees. This is the only way we can provide high quality work for our customers.

Safety -. Our employees have been properly trained and receive regular safety training and update training as regulations change or are added.

Insurance - We carry full insurance including general liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance. Such insurance protects you as a homeowner or building owner from liability should an accident occur or a worker be injured on your property. We provide you with a copy of our insurance certificate.

Environmental - All painting and decorating businesses use some hazardous materials and generate some hazardous wastes. Stan's Painting and Decorating is aware of the environmental impact of these chemicals, uses proper disposal methods (as regulated by the EPA). We recycle where possible.

Relationships - Eighty percent of our business is from repeat customers and from new customers that are referred by our customers. To be successful at our job we have to provide satisfaction, build trust, and build relationships.

Value - Stan's Painting and Decorating is a professional painting and wallcovering firm dedicated to quality and service. With full insurance, full time employees (not sub-contractors), proper supervision and successful business operation we can assure you quality results and the best overall value for your money.

 Scheduling - Once you sign a contract, we work with you to establish a schedule that, from start to finish, meets your needs. This process starts with a pre-project meeting that sets a course for the contracted work.

Production - From initial preparation through final production, we work to satisfy you. By properly protecting surfaces adjacent to the areas we paint, we ensure that only those areas you want painted get painted. Your furniture and property are cared for and protected. We prepare surfaces by properly washing, scraping, sanding, patching, and priming, to make certain that your job will not only look good, but will also last. Our painters apply top quality paints by brush, roller, and spray, always careful to match the method of application to the needs of each project. We provide proper supervision, a necessary double check that insures the proper completion of your project.

Cleanup - Even though we protect adjacent surfaces, there is still cleanup work to be done. We know the importance of proper cleanup and include a vacuum as a standard part of our interior tools. We make an extra effort to leave your property as clean as we found it.