Change Order

What happens if there are changes to the scope of work you have contracted for? For that we use a Change Order form when changes either subtract or add work to the project. A change order calls out what work will be changed and if there are changes in pricing. Are there changes to what we originally contracted to do? We utilize a written change order to address any changes - be they additions or deductions of work. A change order provides you with peace of mind. Rather than settling on items at a later date after the project is complete, a change order provides up front information with which to base decisions on. Use of a change order promotes trust and keeps the word surprised out of your vocabulary.

A Change Order from Stan’s Painting and Decorating provides a line item by line item description of any additional work or any work that will not be performed and the associated price addition or deduction for labor and material. Our form also provides you with the current contract amount and the revised total amount. It provides a project management tool for you.