The Paperwork


Every one of our projects starts with a proposal to the prospective customer. Take a look at some of the items that make up a good contract - one that protects the customer The proposal is used to establish what work is to be contracted for and is to be performed, and at what price.

A proposal from Stan’s Painting and Decorating provides you with information on how we intend on protecting your property, how we will prepare surfaces to be work on, how we will apply paint or complete decorative work and what kinds of material we will be using. Our proposals also call out the type of clean up work that will be provided once our work is completed. Our proposals contain project specific information and other information regarding safety considerations. Typically a copy of our current insurance certificate is included with the proposal.

Once you accept our proposal we work with you to schedule your project. Establishing and meeting both start and finish dates is one of our project success gauges. Prior to starting your project, we meet with you in a 'pre-project' meeting to make sure any concerns you may have are addressed and to assure we have planned your project work properly. Security issues are addressed and the path of the project (what gets done when and what direction we move through your property) is agreed upon.