Performance and Professionalism: What does performance and professionalism have to do with commercial painting? We think it has everything to do with it. We work with building owners and facility managers as well as commercial general contractors that require a higher quality of finish work than the lowest bid will deliver. Our commercial customers depend on our service. The commercial work we perform includes churches, warehouses, office tenant finish, restaurants, museums, retail stores, and galleries. We love a challenge.

How we can be of service to you? As a business owner you take great pride in your business and aren't afraid to let it show. We can help you convey that pride by giving you "the look" you want to express. Stan’s Painting and Decorating has painted for many business owners in Indiana with a growing, impressive resume' of commercial projects. From painting projects that include some of the highest rated hotels in the state, many small and large businesses, and even movie productions. Stan’s Painting and Decorating is quickly establishing a strong reputation for superior commercial painting.