Color is the one topic that is genuinely puzzling for most people. Is this the right color? Does this color work with that one? Does this color look lighter or darker once it's on the wall? We work with color every day. Color theory and selection is something we can assist you with and provide for your project.

You can use a computer to match this color can't you? A questions we get asked a lot is about the computer color matching that is now available. We asked a few of the people we work with to comment on computer color matching:

The machines are a good start and do save time in matching colors. They do not match colors as close as the human eye can. If you combine the education that is necessary to match colors along with a good 'color eye', you can accomplish very close, if not perfect, color matches. The machines can get you close and they do save us time, but they can't replace us, yet.

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