Glazes and Other Finishes

Decorative Glazes are typically one or more colors of translucent paints applied over solid-color base coats. The glaze is manipulated to achieve varying textures. The degree of translucency and sheen can also affect the final look. The glaze is either applied and finished in a positive or negative fashion. A positive glaze is added to the base coat while being manipulated by any number of tools such as sponges, special rollers, chamois, rag, cheesecloth, or brushes. A negative glaze is accomplished when glaze is applied to the base coat and then manipulated off the surface while being manipulated by any of the same tools used for positive finish. Either type of glaze application can provide a one-of-a-kind look that can range from a very dramatic to a subtle look that adds more depth than just a plain painted surface.

We also use decorative glaze techniques on furniture and interior architectural trim. When that special look is needed - anything from an aged look, an exotic look, or a futuristic look is possible. Application of different types of texture can add to the design effect you need. Trowel-applied finishes that provide that Southwest look or special textures finished with simple glazes provide you with an endless range of looks to finish any type of residential or commercial project.