Wall Coverings

 Wall covering can be any material applied to wall and ceiling surfaces. Typically,  wallpaper or wall covering is used  but can include fabrics and even wood veneers. Stan’s Painting and Decorating installs residential and commercial wallpapers, wall coverings, and fabrics. We also remove any wallpapers and wall covering that exist now. Whether your project requires six single rolls of wallpaper or several hundred yards of wall covering, we can do it!

Wallpaper and wall covering projects start with proper measurement of surfaces that are to be covered with a medium other than paint.  Once we know how much material will be needed, the selection of paper or wall covering is next. We can assist you with your selection or setup a meeting for you with one of the many design professionals we work with in the design  industry. Preparation to the surfaces receiving wall coverings is important to insure the best possible results. Preparation can include applying wallpaper primer, smoothing surfaces and priming of repairs. Of course, any painting that is to be done in the area receiving wall coverings will be completed prior to the installation work.

 wallpaper rolls

Wall covering in your home or business is one of many decorative finishes that can add richness with design, a professional look, subtle warmth, or personal tastes.